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Tim Bodner, CPA, MBT

Executive Vice President
Tim has been with Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. since 1995. His previous experience includes tenure with a Big Six accounting firm

Gary Levenstein

President Investment Division

Gary has lead Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc.ís investment division since 1992 and has over 30 years of investment management experience.


Richard Mandel

Richard is a seasoned member of the management team and has been with the firm since 1987. He has considerable experience with musical tours as well as trusts

Susan J. Ollweiler

Executive Vice President
Sue joined the firm in 1980 has extensive business management experience with musical tours and charitable foundations

Jeremy D. Stahl, CPA

Executive Vice President
Jeremy began his career in public accounting and joined the firm in 2000.  During his tenure with the firm, he has worked extensively with all types of entertainment related clients, business executives, doctors, and other high-net worth individuals and families.

Gene J. Torncello

Vice President
Gene joined Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. in 1980 as an accountant with a special interest in real estate


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