Tax Planning & Compliance

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Tax Planning

Tax Services Overview

Tax planning and compliance are key elements of effective business management. With significant changes in our tax laws occurring on a regular basis, tax planning is essential to providing sound guidance on business and investment decisions. The Company provides the technical support required to comply with the tax law while taking advantage of all available tax-saving strategies. The Company maintains a working relationship with accountants and attorneys throughout the world having expertise in all areas of income and estate taxation.


Jess S. Morgan & Company handles all tax compliance. This includes the preparation and filing of individual income tax returns including: quarterly estimated taxes, estate, gift, trust and employment tax returns, as well as compliance for clients with corporations, partnerships or private foundations. The Company handles all communications and meetings with IRS and state tax agencies ranging from routine notices and office audits, to comprehensive examinations.

Tax Planning

For most individuals, taxes represent the single largest category of expense. The Company’s comprehensive approach to business management promotes coordinated tax planning involving all aspects of a client’s financial landscape. Business and financial transactions are structured to minimize taxes, while meeting the client’s objectives. Working with a network of professionals, the Company has formulated and implemented successful estate and income tax plans for its clients.