Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc

Business Managment & Invesment Advisory Services

Business Management

Business Management Overview

Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. is a full service business management firm founded in 1967. The Company acts as a personal “CFO” for its clients, employing specialized professionals in all areas. The Company together with the client’s attorney, agent, personal manager, and other outside professionals plan and manage both the client’s business and personal financial affairs. Business management includes a full range of financial services including: financial planning, accounting, insurance, intellectual properties, and real estate. The Company employs individuals with expertise in each of these areas, and by doing so creates a sense of security for the client. By entrusting their financial concerns to Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc., the artist, athlete, professional, foundation or entrepreneur can focus on career, family, charity, and leisure.

Business Management Insurance

We have the knowledge and expertise to effectively address every aspect of our client’s insurance needs, including coverage placement, claims submission, and audits and appraisals. We maintain an active network of major insurance companies and agency relationships worldwide that assist us in navigating the complex legislative, financial, and social issues that influence insurance decisions. As an independent, uncommissioned advisor, we provide the client with appropriate, competitive recommendations to satisfy diverse insurance needs.

Business Management Intellectual Property

We oversee all aspects of contracts and licensing related to film and television, music, and literary properties in both domestic and foreign markets. Service offerings available include:

  • Copyright registration and clearance filings
  • Copyright licensing and artist permissions
  • Contract administration
  • Royalty and settlement statement review and monitoring
  • Supervision of royalty and profit participation audits
  • Song, record, tape, and film catalog and library recordkeeping maintenance

Business Management Real Estate

We can manage all aspects of our client’s investment and residential real estate, including purchases, sales, construction, financing, and property management. We work closely with a variety of related industry professionals to address all real estate needs. We provide services ranging from identifying real estate investment opportunities to actively managing rental property to negotiating the most favorable refinance terms available.

Financial Planning and Accounting

The Company provides comprehensive financial planning and accounting services to its clients. These services range from budgets and fair market value statements, to estate planning reviews, and bill paying. The Company manages both client receipts and expenses, which allows the business management team to provide monthly financial statements to each client. This service frees the client from the hassles of managing the minutiae of their daily financial affairs. This deep knowledge of the client’s financial picture allows the management team to provide fully informed advice on any financial decision that a client may need to make.

Trustee and Executor Services

The principals at Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. have provided trustee and executor services for over forty years. The principals who engage in trustee work have full certification in all the relevant jurisdictions. Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. prides itself on the long relationships it has fostered with its clients. These relationships, some of which have spanned decades, enable the principals to form a deep understanding of our client base. This makes Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. the natural choice for trusts and estates.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Tax Services Overview

Tax planning and compliance are key elements of effective business management. With significant changes in our tax laws occurring on a regular basis, tax planning is essential to providing sound guidance on business and investment decisions. The Company provides the technical support required to comply with the tax law while taking advantage of all available tax-saving strategies. The Company maintains a working relationship with accountants and attorneys throughout the world having expertise in all areas of income and estate taxation.


Jess S. Morgan & Company handles all tax compliance. This includes the preparation and filing of individual income tax returns including: quarterly estimated taxes, estate, gift, trust and employment tax returns, as well as compliance for clients with corporations, partnerships or private foundations. The Company handles all communications and meetings with IRS and state tax agencies ranging from routine notices and office audits, to comprehensive examinations.

Tax Planning

For most individuals, taxes represent the single largest category of expense. The Company’s comprehensive approach to business management promotes coordinated tax planning involving all aspects of a client’s financial landscape. Business and financial transactions are structured to minimize taxes, while meeting the client’s objectives. Working with a network of professionals, the Company has formulated and implemented successful estate and income tax plans for its clients.

Investment Advisory

Who we are and value add

The Investment Department of Jess S. Morgan & Co. has managed investment portfolios for its high net worth clients since 1968. The company is a Securities & Exchange Committee Registered Investment Advisor regulated under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

Portfolio Construction

Portfolios are customized based on each client’s clearly defined goals and risk objective. The risk is balanced to a model, balanced between equities, fixed income and liquidity based on individual situations, the client’s tolerance for risk as well as personal financial conditions. Such conditions include cash flow circumstance, liquidity needs and income requirements.

Investment Objectives

The client’s investment objective is implemented and followed based on their particular needs and goals. Exposure to equities, fixed income, and cash is managed on a daily basis, taking into account macro economic conditions, monetary policy, the political landscape, and current global events. Portfolio managers implement a tactical underweight, neutral or overweight allocation to equities based on whether the market appears inexpensive or overpriced and conditions appear to be overbought or oversold.

Securities Selection

Portfolios are structured and securities are selected based on a Core and Satellite approach of equities, fixed income and liquidity. The Core selections generally include positions in index and exchange traded funds (ETFs) in equities and fixed income. Satellite positions consist primarily of individual stocks and bonds but also include strategic holdings in certain sector funds or ETFs to enhance exposure to specific sectors and asset classes. Securities are selected utilizing a fundamental, diversified approach.

Portfolio Strategy

A global asset allocation strategy is employed to capture stock and bond market total return and minimize risk through a globally diversified strategy. Passive and indexed products are primarily utilized along with strategically placed positions in asset classes and sectors based on market conditions and valuations.

Investment Advisory LEADERSHIP


Gary Levenstein

President Investment Division
Gary leads Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc.’s investment division and has been part of the team since 1992


Clients receive monthly statements from the institution where assets are held in custody and quarterly statements from Jess S. Morgan & Co. Fidelity Investments® provides clearing and custody services to Jess S. Morgan & Company.

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Intellectual Property Administration


The management of clients’ intellectual properties and entertainment-related contractual relationships has been a specialty of Jess S. Morgan & Company for many years. We have provided background and expertise in the fields of film, music and literary properties.

Motion Pictures & Television

The company has decades of experience consulting with motion picture and television companies active in both production, and marketing of live-action and animated films. Acting as business advisors and consultants to these companies, the staff maintains expertise in entertainment contracts, and the negotiation and licensing of motion picture and television properties to networks, syndication, cable, home video, and for multimedia projects.


Working with creative and business professionals in the music industry throughout the world, the Company has experience in the financing, formation, and the structuring of independent record and music publishing companies, and the evaluation of music catalogs for purchase and sale. The Company administers and supervises the administration of music publishing and recorded performance masters for client owned catalogs. The staff, in collaboration with the clients’ other representatives, reviews all types of music contracts, including songwriter, publisher, artist and producer agreements in order to provide clients with informed recommendations.

Literary Properties

Jess S. Morgan & Company’s background includes the worldwide management of literary properties. Working with the client’s agents and attorneys, the Company structures and negotiates licenses for the publication of literary properties, and the production of motion pictures and television programs based on the properties in both domestic and foreign markets. The Company also takes the initiative to create the most appropriate business and tax plans for these properties.


As part of the Company’s administration of intellectual properties we provide the following services to our clients:

  • Copyright registration and clearance filings
  • Copyright licensing and artist permissions
  • Contract administration
  • Royalty and settlement statement review and monitoring
  • Supervision of royalty and profit participation audits
  • Third Party Accountings
  • Song, record, tape, and film catalog and library recordkeeping maintenance

Real Estate Advisory

Real Estate Advisory

We can manage all aspects of our client’s investment and residential real estate, including purchases, sales, construction, financing, and property management. We work closely with a variety of related industry professionals to address all real estate needs. The following is a list of services we provide:

  • Identifying real estate investment opportunities
  • Managing rental property
  • Negotiating the most favorable financing terms available

Investment Policy

The Real Estate Department actively searches for investment opportunities with the goal of selecting and acquiring properties which meet the client’s investment criteria. Investments in raw land, commercial, industrial and residential rental properties are recommended on an individual basis; while joint ventures are formed for client participation in the purchase of larger properties. The Department monitors client real estate portfolios to assure current investment needs are met, and regularly reviews market conditions to determine the optimum time to acquire or divest.

Property Management

The Real Estate department has an active property management practice. Here is a list of the duties handled in this area:

  • Managing the client’s rental properties either directly or through the supervision of outside property managers
  • Leasing, rent collection, setting of appropriate rental rates, and compliance with government regulations, including rent control.
  • Coordinating routine maintenance and necessary repairs and improvements.

Residential Property

When a client buys or sells a personal residence the Department assists in the selection of an independent real estate agent, analyzes the property, and recommends a purchase or sale price. Working with the client and the attorney, if applicable, the Department supervises the transaction, and reviews all documents from original listing or purchase agreement to final escrow closing.


The Department continually monitors both the cost and types of financing available, and regularly reviews clients’ existing loans in order to refinance at the most opportune time. Working with banks, loan brokers, and other financing sources, the Department obtains the most favorable interest rates and terms available. The Department will also manage the escrow process, including loan applications, appraisals, inspections, and final loan documents.