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Real Estate Advisory

Real Estate Advisory

We can manage all aspects of our client’s investment and residential real estate, including purchases, sales, construction, financing, and property management. We work closely with a variety of related industry professionals to address all real estate needs. The following is a list of services we provide:

  • Identifying real estate investment opportunities
  • Managing rental property
  • Negotiating the most favorable financing terms available

Investment Policy

The Real Estate Department actively searches for investment opportunities with the goal of selecting and acquiring properties which meet the client’s investment criteria. Investments in raw land, commercial, industrial and residential rental properties are recommended on an individual basis; while joint ventures are formed for client participation in the purchase of larger properties. The Department monitors client real estate portfolios to assure current investment needs are met, and regularly reviews market conditions to determine the optimum time to acquire or divest.

Property Management

The Real Estate department has an active property management practice. Here is a list of the duties handled in this area:

  • Managing the client’s rental properties either directly or through the supervision of outside property managers
  • Leasing, rent collection, setting of appropriate rental rates, and compliance with government regulations, including rent control.
  • Coordinating routine maintenance and necessary repairs and improvements.

Residential Property

When a client buys or sells a personal residence the Department assists in the selection of an independent real estate agent, analyzes the property, and recommends a purchase or sale price. Working with the client and the attorney, if applicable, the Department supervises the transaction, and reviews all documents from original listing or purchase agreement to final escrow closing.


The Department continually monitors both the cost and types of financing available, and regularly reviews clients’ existing loans in order to refinance at the most opportune time. Working with banks, loan brokers, and other financing sources, the Department obtains the most favorable interest rates and terms available. The Department will also manage the escrow process, including loan applications, appraisals, inspections, and final loan documents.