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Investment Advisory

Who we are and value add

The Investment Department of Jess S. Morgan & Co. has managed investment portfolios for its high net worth clients since 1968. The company is a Securities & Exchange Committee Registered Investment Advisor regulated under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

Portfolio Construction

Portfolios are customized based on each client’s clearly defined goals and risk objective. The risk is balanced to a model, balanced between equities, fixed income and liquidity based on individual situations, the client’s tolerance for risk as well as personal financial conditions. Such conditions include cash flow circumstance, liquidity needs and income requirements.

Investment Objectives

The client’s investment objective is implemented and followed based on their particular needs and goals. Exposure to equities, fixed income, and cash is managed on a daily basis, taking into account macro economic conditions, monetary policy, the political landscape, and current global events. Portfolio managers implement a tactical underweight, neutral or overweight allocation to equities based on whether the market appears inexpensive or overpriced and conditions appear to be overbought or oversold.

Securities Selection

Portfolios are structured and securities are selected based on a Core and Satellite approach of equities, fixed income and liquidity. The Core selections generally include positions in index and exchange traded funds (ETFs) in equities and fixed income. Satellite positions consist primarily of individual stocks and bonds but also include strategic holdings in certain sector funds or ETFs to enhance exposure to specific sectors and asset classes. Securities are selected utilizing a fundamental, diversified approach.

Portfolio Strategy

A global asset allocation strategy is employed to capture stock and bond market total return and minimize risk through a globally diversified strategy. Passive and indexed products are primarily utilized along with strategically placed positions in asset classes and sectors based on market conditions and valuations.


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