Intellectual Property Administration

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Intellectual Property Administration


The management of clients’ intellectual properties and entertainment-related contractual relationships has been a specialty of Jess S. Morgan & Company for many years. We have provided background and expertise in the fields of film, music and literary properties.

Motion Pictures & Television

The company has decades of experience consulting with motion picture and television companies active in both production, and marketing of live-action and animated films. Acting as business advisors and consultants to these companies, the staff maintains expertise in entertainment contracts, and the negotiation and licensing of motion picture and television properties to networks, syndication, cable, home video, and for multimedia projects.


Working with creative and business professionals in the music industry throughout the world, the Company has experience in the financing, formation, and the structuring of independent record and music publishing companies, and the evaluation of music catalogs for purchase and sale. The Company administers and supervises the administration of music publishing and recorded performance masters for client owned catalogs. The staff, in collaboration with the clients’ other representatives, reviews all types of music contracts, including songwriter, publisher, artist and producer agreements in order to provide clients with informed recommendations.

Literary Properties

Jess S. Morgan & Company’s background includes the worldwide management of literary properties. Working with the client’s agents and attorneys, the Company structures and negotiates licenses for the publication of literary properties, and the production of motion pictures and television programs based on the properties in both domestic and foreign markets. The Company also takes the initiative to create the most appropriate business and tax plans for these properties.


As part of the Company’s administration of intellectual properties we provide the following services to our clients:

  • Copyright registration and clearance filings
  • Copyright licensing and artist permissions
  • Contract administration
  • Royalty and settlement statement review and monitoring
  • Supervision of royalty and profit participation audits
  • Third Party Accountings
  • Song, record, tape, and film catalog and library recordkeeping maintenance