Insurance Management

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Insurance Management

Insurance Management

As part of our team-based business management approach, Jess S. Morgan & Company includes comprehensive management of our clients’ insurance portfolios. We have the knowledge and expertise to effectively address every aspect of our client’s insurance needs, including coverage placement, claims submission, audits and appraisals. We maintain an active network of major insurance companies and agency relationships worldwide that assist us in navigating the complex legislative, financial, and social issues that influence insurance decisions. As an independent, non-commissioned advisor, we provide the client with appropriate, competitive recommendations to satisfy diverse insurance needs.

In addition to maintaining policy files and approving premium payments, the Insurance Department monitors coverage to ensure that limits are adequate and costs are competitive. Comprehensive insurance reviews are conducted in which the client plays an active role in determining that coverage levels are suitable and premium costs are reasonable.

Personal Insurance

The Department places coverage on all personal lines of insurance including Life, Health, Automobile,  Homeowners, Jewelry, and Fine Arts. Information on the purchase of homes, cars, and other property is promptly communicated to the Insurance Department so that insurance coverage can be timely placed. Appraisals are coordinated to assure that the client’s property and valuables are insured to replacement cost. The Department handles the registration of all client vehicles. Pension and Life Insurance beneficiary designations are reviewed and adjusted to comply with the client’s estate plan.

Commercial Insurance

Many clients have diverse business and commercial interests which must be protected. The Insurance Department administers all commercial and specialty coverage, including:

  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Business Auto
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Professional Equipment
  • Entertainment Packages

The Department also coordinates premium audits and determines that correct audit premiums are charged.


A vital function of the Insurance Department is the processing of claims. Automobile, property and liability claims are tracked from first submission, through claims payment, subrogation, settlement negotiation and, if necessary, litigation. The ultimate goal is to maximize claims settlement and achieve complete protection of the client’s interests.