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Industries - Multi-family Office

    Jess S. Morgan & Company offers a full range of services for Multi-family offices.

    Jess S. Morgan & Company will be your advocate and counsel in all of your family’s dealings with attorneys, agents, brokers, staff, and other professional advisors. We offer the security that comes with knowing that you have an experienced team to help you manage any and all financial matters that you will face throughout your lifetime.


    We at Jess Morgan & Company have a tenured history of acting as personal trustees for our clients and their estates. We take pride in our commitment to ensuring that our clients’ intentions are followed to the letter.

    Private Foundations

    We have both the experience and the ability to manage the operations of your private foundation. Jess S. Morgan & Company has a long history in working with our clients to operate these foundations. These functions include: supervising donations to different charities, scheduling and running board meetings, and advising on best gifting practices for your foundations.

    Financial Planning

    As a full service financial management firm we offer complete financial planning. Our industry, tax and accounting expertise enables us to have a big picture approach to your important financial transactions. We ensure that you have all of the proper planning in place to succeed in achieving your financial goals.Read more


    Our tax specialists have comprehensive tax planning experience in all fifty states. They work to ensure that both your personal and business tax planning strategies are fully coordinated. We also work in connection with your estate planning attorney to make sure that the estate and gifting strategies put in place are enacted and carried out in the way that they are intended.Read more


    Our insurance professionals have the expertise in both personal and business areas. They can coordinate your health benefits, as well as advise on a wide range of insurance matters from life, home, auto, personal, and commercial policies. We work to ensure that your personal and professional assets are properly protected.Read more


    Jess S. Morgan & Company is a registered investment advisor with over forty years experience in the securities industry. The investment team works with a broad range of investors covering family wealth, trusts, and individuals. We are also experts in retirement planning, which includes 401Ks, profit sharing as well as other retirement plans.Read more

    Real Estate

    Our Real Estate group can counsel you on all your property transactions. Their knowledge covers everything from leasing office space, purchasing a house or rental property, or major construction and renovation. We can also handle property management for your investment properties.Read more

    Multi-family Office LEADERSHIP


    Tim Bodner, CPA, MBT

    Executive Vice President
    Tim has been with Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. since 1995. His previous experience includes tenure with a Big Six accounting firm

    Gary Levenstein

    President Investment Division

    Gary has lead Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc.ís investment division since 1992 and has over 30 years of investment management experience.


    Susan J. Ollweiler

    Executive Vice President
    Sue joined the firm in 1980 has extensive business management experience with musical tours and charitable foundations


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