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    Jess S. Morgan & Company offers a full range of services for the professional musician.

    We are your advocate in all your dealings with the labels, publishers, and attorneys such as negotiation, audits, discussions, evaluations, and agreements. Jess S. Morgan & Company is a vital member of your team working with your representatives.


    For the touring artist we offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we are with the tour from the planning stages through the final settlements. Our touring staff has worked with some of the most successful artists in the music industry, and has expertise that literally spans the globe. We manage all financial aspects of the tour from taxes to budgeting, vendors, insurance, merchandise, payroll and financial reporting. Read more

    Catalog Management

    Our intellectual property group administers both publishing and artist royalties, and also runs a vibrant licensing and sync business. Jess S. Morgan & Company has managed the catalogs of some of the best known songwriters of our era.Read more

    Financial Planning

    As a full service business management firm we offer complete financial planning. The firm acts as your personal accounting office by providing the following services: cash flow management, budgeting, retirement planning, as well as general guidance and oversight on all of your financial decisions. Our industry, tax, and accounting expertise enables us to have a big picture approach with all of your important transactions.Read more


    Our tax specialists have comprehensive tax planning experience in all fifty states. We also have the resources to coordinate foreign tax returns if you will be working abroad.Read more


    Our insurance capabilities extend beyond the touring area. Our experts can coordinate your health benefits, and can advise on a wide range of insurance matters from life to home, auto, personal, and commercial policies.Read more


    Jess S. Morgan & Company is a registered investment advisor with over forty years experience in the securities industry. The investment team works with a broad range of investors covering family wealth, trusts, and individuals. We are also experts in retirement planning, which includes 401Ks, profit sharing as well as other retirement plans.Read more

    Real Estate

    Our Real Estate group can counsel you on all your property transactions. Their knowledge covers everything from studio purchase and renovation, purchasing a house or rental property. We can also handle property management for your investment properties.Read more

    Musicians LEADERSHIP


    Ben Edmonds

    IP Contracts Administrator
    As the manager of the firmís Intellectual Property department, Ben provides a wide spectrum of services to the firmís entertainment industry

    Richard Mandel

    Richard is a seasoned member of the management team and has been with the firm since 1987. He has considerable experience with musical tours as well as trusts

    Susan J. Ollweiler

    Executive Vice President
    Sue joined the firm in 1980 has extensive business management experience with musical tours and charitable foundations

    Jeremy D. Stahl, CPA

    Executive Vice President
    Jeremy began his career in public accounting and joined the firm in 2000.  During his tenure with the firm, he has worked extensively with all types of entertainment related clients, business executives, doctors, and other high-net worth individuals and families.


    Our Articles feature the experience and wisdom of Jess S. Morgan in all aspects of Business Management and Investment Advice. Click here.

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