About Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc.

Our History and Our Approach

Since its founding in 1967 Jess S. Morgan & Company has instituted a management team approach that provides a full range of business management and financial services. These include the following: accounting, insurance, intellectual properties, real estate, tax, and investment services.  While having historically focused on the entertainment industry the company has expanded its services to a broader spectrum of clients.    

The management team approach is the key to the level of service that the Company provides.  By employing highly experienced and specialized professionals in all areas the Company is able to plan and manage a client’s business affairs.  Flexible and responsive, the team approach fosters the development of creative solutions for virtually any situation that may confront the client.  The Company has both the flexibility and depth to accommodate clients no matter what level of service they require. As the client’s needs grow and change, our services adapt to meet these new challenges. 

The Company employs thoughtful care and planning to insure essential client satisfaction and trust.  Employing strict internal controls to oversee all aspects of a client’s finances, Jess S. Morgan & Company works to provide the highest level of security and monitoring of our clients transactions. We are committed to utilizing the latest information technologies to increase efficiency and bring the highest level of security and transparency to our clients.

Management Team


Richard Mandel


Richard is a seasoned member of the management team and has been with the firm since 1987. He has considerable experience with musical tours as well as trusts.


Gary Levenstein

President Investment Division

Gary has lead Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc.’s investment division since 1992 and has over 30 years of investment management experience.


Susan J. Ollweiler

Executive Vice President

Sue joined the firm in 1980 has extensive business management experience with musical tours and charitable foundations.


Tim Bodner, CPA, MBT

Executive Vice President

Tim has been with Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. since 1995. His previous experience includes tenure with a Big Six accounting firm.


Jeremy D. Stahl, CPA

Executive Vice President

Jeremy began his career in public accounting and joined the firm in 2000.  During his tenure with the firm, he has worked extensively with all types of entertainment related clients, business executives, doctors, and other high-net worth individuals and families.

Professional Staff


Ben Edmonds

IP Contracts Administrator

As the manager of the firm’s Intellectual Property department, Ben provides a wide spectrum of services to the firm’s entertainment industry based clients including income tracking, licensing services, and the review and analysis of both music and film & television related contracts and royalty statements.  Ben has worked at both Sanctuary Records in London and Warner/Chappell Music Publishing in Los Angeles.

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Chris Carney

Insurance Coordinator

Chris has been with Jess S Morgan & Company since 2009.  In his current capacity he works with a wide network of insurance brokers to oversee and coordinate all of the insurance needs for the firm’s clients.  His responsibilities include submitting and coordinating personal and commercial claims, evaluating proposals for coverage, reviewing coverage and upcoming policy renewals, and examining contracts for sufficient coverage.

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Sean Sansone

Sean originally joined the firm in 2000 working in the real estate department until 2003.  During this time, Sean performed day-to-day management of client-owned commercial, industrial, multifamily and residential income producing properties located throughout the United States.  Sean left the firm to pursue a career in the sales and leasing of industrial and commercial properties and rejoined the firm in 2019. 

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Mariam Haddajian

Mariam has been with Jess S Morgan & Company Since 2019. In her current capacity she works with a wide network of insurance brokers to oversee and coordinate all the insurance needs for the firm’s clients. Her responsibilities include submitting and coordinating personal and commercial claims, evaluating proposals for coverage, reviewing coverage and upcoming policy renewals, and examining contracts for adequate coverage. 

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Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. was founded in 1967 by Jess S. Morgan and Wallace D. Franson as a full service business management firm. The goal of the firm’s founders was to provide the best financial advice coupled with the highest level of personal attention.  It’s a goal that we continue to share. For over forty years we have been the trusted financial advisor for our clients. The stability of Jess S Morgan & Company and its staff means that we are able to stay committed to our founders’ demanding standards.

Jess S. Morgan, 1922-2011, Founder

Jess began his career in business management in 1949 before founding the firm in 1967. He had been an active participant in helping develop financial structures for production, distribution, and other business elements within the entertainment industry. He had extensive experience working with major film and television studios as well as independent producers and artists. Jess worked with clients and other parties in the U.S. and abroad, negotiating and advising on a variety of domestic and international issues. He received his BA from Occidental College and his MBA from Stanford University.

Wallace D. Franson, Founder

Wally started his career in business management with A. Morgan Maree Jr. & Associates in 1960 after earning his BSB degree in accounting from the University of Minnesota. He later joined Jess Morgan in founding Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. and was instrumental in implementing a “management team approach” for the company by employing specialized professionals as department heads in the areas of tax, insurance, securities, real estate, and intellectual properties. He continues to consult for the firm on a client by client basis.

Career Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in career opportunities with Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc.

Our employee benefits package includes paid vacation and sick days, health insurance, a flexible spending account, Metro incentive program, and 401(k) plan. Additionally, we offer a comfortable yet professional environment in a modern, urban setting. Our offices are located on the Miracle Mile in the heart of Los Angeles, directly across the street from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and its beautiful grounds. 
If you would like to contact us about career opportunities, please submit your resume with cover letter to jobs@jsmco.com.
Thank you again for your interest in us.