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    Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. offers a full range of services for EB-5 Investors.

    For the EB-5 Investor we offer the services tailored to assist with your transition into the United States. We will be your advocate and advisor in all of your dealings with attorneys, brokers, staff and other professional advisors. We offer the security that comes with knowing that you have an experienced team to help you manage any and all financial matters that you face throughout your lifetime.


    Since 1968 Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. has managed investment portfolios for its clients. The company is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission which is regulated under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. We also assist our clients with analyzing all types of individual private investments. Read more


    In an age of increasing globalization, a growing number of multi-national investors (with transnational families) have ties to networks of people and places across the globe, rather than to a current geographic location. A variety of tax issues arise which add complexity and challenges. International investors in the US face an array of Income, Estate and Gift tax issues. Accordingly, we work with our clients in all of these areas to achieve optimum results. See more

    Financial Planning

    We assist clients in establishing relationships with banks, budgeting for US living needs, acquiring assets, and household management including staff. The firm is adept at providing financial advice to help ease the transition into your new environment. Read more

    Real Estate

    The firm assists clients with procuring a personal residence (either purchase or rental), obtaining financing if needed, and providing oversight and guidance with any remodel or construction projects. We also assist with locating preferred vendors to use in repairs, gardening and general maintenance of your personal residence or provide advice on real estate investments. Read more


    Assist clients in determining and obtaining proper insurance in the areas of health, automobile, homeowners, life and umbrella liability. We work to ensure that the client has the proper protection in place should the need arise. Clients will also receive assistance processing medical expense claims with doctors and medical insurance providers. Read more

    General Consulting

    We assist clients with any general needs arising from their transition from abroad to living in the US. This could include setting up telephone service, cable television and internet services, obtain credit cards for the client and provide general information about Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, or assist with school applications for children.

    EB-5 Investors LEADERSHIP


    Tim Bodner, CPA, MBT

    Executive Vice President
    Tim has been with Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. since 1995. His previous experience includes tenure with a Big Six accounting firm

    Gary Levenstein

    President Investment Division
    Gary leads Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc.ís investment division and has been part of the team since 1992

    Jeremy D. Stahl, CPA

    Executive Vice President
    Jeremy began his career in public accounting and joined the firm in 2000.  During his tenure with the firm, he has worked extensively with all types of entertainment related clients, business executives, doctors, and other high-net worth individuals and families.


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